Releasable Coloured Nylon Cable Ties – Type B

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Product Description:

Our nylon releasable cable ties have a trigger style quick release mechanism that can easily be released by hand, making these ties ideal as a temporary fastening solution.

The easy to release clip allows you to reopen these cable ties to either reuse over and over again, or reopen to allow new wires to be added to an existing bundle.

These cable ties will remain securely locked until intentionally released by the trigger release mechanism.

Each pack contains 100 releasable cable ties with trigger style quick release mechanism.

Technical Information

  • Material: Nylon polyamide 6/6
  • Flammability rating: UL 94 class V2
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Dielectric strength: 50,000 volts/mm
  • Min. Tensile Strength (kg): 22
  • Resistance: Resistant to external agents
  • Mechanism: Easy to use quick trigger style release mechanism
Width of Cable Tie (mm) Min. Tensile Strength (kg)
2.5 8.1
3.6 18.2
4.8 22.2
7.6 54.4
9.0 79.4
13.0 114


For enquiries about bulk orders you can contact us at or 0330 122 4217 and our team will be happy to assist you. Alternatively all of our cable ties have tiered pricing as standard, so larger quantity purchases will come with a discounted price and full boxes have a further discounted price.

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