Epoxy Resin Coated Stainless Steel Cable Ties – (Grade 316)

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Product Description:

Our range of black epoxy coated stainless steel cable ties have a high resistance to weathering and ageing. They are manufactured from marine grade 316 steel, making them ideal for applications in in harsh environments.

Epoxy coated stainless steel cable ties have a higher working temperature range of -40°C up to +150°C.

They are frequently used as long-term solutions in harsher environments due to thier resistance to water, salt and chemicals. These ties are often used across a range of marine applications, offshore, aerospace and mining.

Technical Information: 

  • Quantity: 100 per pack
  • Material: Epoxy coated marine grade 316 stainless steel – roller ball
  • Coating: Coated with epoxy resin
  • Working environment temperature: -40°C up to +150°C

Fitting stainless steel cable ties

We recommend fitting stainless steel cable ties with one of our installation tools linked on the right of this page.

Whilst it is possible to install them by hand, it is essential that the tool is used to tension the cable ties, particularly when using larger sizes within the range.

Our installation tool can be adjusted depending on width and desired tension of the cable tie. When the required tension has been achieved, the tool neatly cuts any excess material resulting in a robust and tidy fitting.

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